Stencil Cutters

Electronic and manual stencil cutters available.

Low Volume Stencil Applications

Low volume stencil applications are easily satisfied with pre-cut interlocking template sets that provide fast stencil solutions.

Harsh Environments

Harsh factory environments that don't mix well with computers are better served with manual cutters. Of course, it all depends on your application.

Stencil Media

Fixed character stencil cutters use oilboard which is available in standard sizes and thickness and sold by the pound or case. Electronic stencil cutters use material in roll form and is available by the case including two rolls.

Fast & Flexible

Electronic stencil machines are fast, flexible and cost efficient. If you want flexibility, they're the way to go.

Electronic Stencil Machines

Electronic stencil machines provide enhanced capabilities, character size ranges, custom and standard characters and the abilty to cut stencils up to 29".

A turnkey system includes the cutter, stand and software. Create your stencil in the software and print it to the cutter. Similar to a word document, but instead a ready to go stencil is the result.

Manual Stencil Cutters

Manual machines provide a fixed sized character set, for example 3/4", 1" and larger up to 3" in size.

Typically used with a material called oilboard, the operator rotates a selector for each character in the stencil, pulls the handle, and each letter or character is punched into the oilboard.

Manual stencil cutters are limited compared to electronic machines but they're built like tanks and will survive the harshest environments.

If you're new to stencil machines, give us a call and we'll help you identify your needs.

GSA Contract Approved

Our manual and electronic stencil machines are GSA approved. If you're with the military or U.S. Government, click here.