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Electric Stencil Cutter Equipment  


The most advanced stencil machine available and it is sold at a price comparable to a 2" manual stencil machine.

Cut characters 1/8" and up. Unique knife saving technology, extrawide 29" bed, easy to use keypad make this machine the benchmark for an electric stencil cutter of any kind.

Critical Stencil Cutter Software  


The stencil cutter software is made by Symbol Graphics and they produce a software package that is easy to install, configure & operate. You'll be cutting multiple line & character size stencils in minutes.

Import files from many Windows based programs including Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator plus CAD DWG files!

Manual Stencil Cutter  


Industrial grade & reliability mean this machine will last for years.

Conforms to US Government Specification: CID A-A-2722

Durable punches & dies, corrosion resistant alloy punches. Case hardened self-sharpening dies.

PARTS & SERVICE For Stencil Cutting Machinery  

Besides on-site and in-house stencil cutter service, Allied Packaging carries a large supply of replacement parts for current and obsolete equipment.

Companies from all over the country rely on us to provide them with parts to keep their equipment running. To contact our parts or service repair center, CLICK HERE for more details.



Electric Stencil Cutter

Computerized Stencil Cutter

Manual Stencil Cutter
Available in 2"



Marash Stencil Cutter

 Marsh Stencil Cutter
Available in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" or 1"


Manual Stencil Cutter
Available in 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" or 1"



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