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Mezger Table Top Staplers  
  • Trigger 1 to 5 Heads Simultaneously At Contact
  • Adjustable Depth To 4 Inches
  • Foot Operation Available
  • Switch Heads On & Off For Different Applications
  • 210 Staple Magazine
  • Fits Up To 5 Stapling Heads
  • Standard Machine Has 2 Heads
  • Crown 10mm (.39 inch)
  • Leg 6mm (.23 inch)
  • Leg 8mm (.31 inch)


Mezger Custom Table Top Staplers  

Specialty Application Table Top Staplers are available in a large variety of standard fixtures and can be also customized to fit your needs. 

  • 5,000 & 7,000 Staple Rolls
  • Stapling or Tacking Applications
  • Corrugate, Paper, Plastics, Film, Leather etc.
  • Standard, Blind or Auto Clinch Options
  • Auto Clinch DOES NOT Require A Clinching Plate



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Table Top  

Table Top Staplers

Mezger Table Top Multi Head Stapler

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Pneumatic and electric table top stapler for stapling thin pasteboard (cardboard, headers, blister packs etc.) onto poly or paper bags.

Specialty Application Table Top Staplers

A wide range of stapling heads and staples are available to fit your needs for assembly and packaging

Below are a few of the standard Table Top fixtures available for the stapling head you choose.




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